Best of Mumbai: top places, images, map and video

Mumbai often referred through its former name Bombay is one of India’s most important cities.  Indeed it is the country’s financial and commercial capital as well as a major artistic centre, home the world’s biggest film industry, commonly known as Bollywood.  It is where some of India’s most powerful and richest entrepreneur implements their vision, right next to the country’s poorest in some of the planet biggest slums, where about half of the city population live.  Mumbai, as a city of contrasts is definitely an understatement, with old and new, rich and poor, colonial heritage and Indian influence, skyscrapers and slums, constantly touching and overlapping each other. This mix of chaotic traffic, ancient bazaars, variety of religions and a melange of cultures, makes the city truly unique and definitely worth discovering.  It is perhaps not for everyone, but for those looking for adventure it will be a life changing experience, once one will feel the unconventional pulse of the city, and start truly appreciate everything it has to offer.


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