Izmir: Anatolia’s metropolis

Discover Izmir, Anatolia’s largest metropolis and one of the principal mercantile cities of the Mediterranean Sea, with over 3,500 years of recorded urban history

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Çeşme: Beautiful Turkish sea-side resort town


Discover Çeşme one of the most beautiful sea-side resort town within the Aegean coast on the extreme western tip of Turkey.  Popular holiday destination with celebrities and well known for its luxury resorts, spas and one of Turkey's most amazing … [Continue reading]

Traditional Turkish Wedding Alasehir


Discover a traditional Turkish Wedding in Alasehir Turkey with a typical orchestra, music and ceremony. … [Continue reading]

Alaçati: aegean town in western Turkey


Discover Alaçati, a charming Aegean town renowned for its  windmills, architecture and vineyards.  Located on the western coast of the İzmir Province, next to the sea-side resort town of Çeşme.  It is considered one of the most authentic towns in … [Continue reading]

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2014


The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the biggest events of its kind, attracting over 70K people from all continents each year.  It is the perfect networking event with the majority of attendees being executives and CEOs, from large Telecom … [Continue reading]

World’s Best Places 2013


Welcome to World’s Best Places, the online resource for the planet’s most spectacular destinations.  From the idyllic beaches of Phi Phi, to the exciting metropolis of Amsterdam, Bangkok or Singapore, passing by the lovely towns of the French … [Continue reading]

Museum of London


The Museum of London is a well known cultural attraction which explores the history of Britain’s capital from the prehistoric times up to the 21st century.  It is strategically located next to the remains of the Roman city wall within the south west … [Continue reading]

Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2013


Every year in February, Barcelona hosts the GSMA Mobile World Congress (MWC), considerd the world’s largest exhibition of the mobile industry.  The event which usually attracts some 70,000+ participants has this year welcomed a … [Continue reading]

World’s Top Cities to live in 2012


What are the top cities to live in this year?  In 2012 the most liveable places on the planet are Melbourne, Vienna and Zurich, topping respectively the Economist Intelligence Unit's, Mercer and Monocle index.  Australian, Canadian, German speaking … [Continue reading]

World’s Top Destinations


Each year, the Tripadvisor community selects the top 25 most popular destinations on the planet. This year’s winner is the British capital of London, considered one of the world’s most cosmopolitan places and host of the XXX Summer Olympics.  It is … [Continue reading]

World’s Best Beaches


The following is what we believe are some of the World's best beaches from the popular destinations off the coast of Florida, to the remote islands of the Pacific passing by the idyllic resort destinations such as the Maldives and the Seychelles.  We … [Continue reading]

Best of Normandy, North of France

Mont St-Michel

Normandy is a beautiful region in northern France bordered by the English Channel.  It is well known for its spectacular natural beauty with its white cliffs within the Alabaster Coast, its long stretch of sandy beaches and a variety of parks and … [Continue reading]

Best of Honfleur, Normandy, France

Honfleur is a lovely coastal destination surrounding a beautiful 17th-century harbour known as Le Vieux Bassin.  This charming town is located in Calvados, within the region of Lower Normandy in the North of France.  The town is well known for … [Continue reading]

Best of Mont Saint Michel, Normandy France

Mont Saint Michel is a magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site located on an island just off the coast of Lower Normandy in northern France.  It is best known as the site of the spectacular and well-preserved Norman Benedictine Abbey of St Michel … [Continue reading]

World’s countries 2012

The World in 2012 still officially contains 195 countries.  Taiwan is still not on the list as it officially a province of the People's Republic of China, even though it has relations with over 100 countries.   The newest created countries … [Continue reading]

Notting Hill Carnival: Europe’s biggest street festival

The Notting Hill Carnival taking place in West London each year is Europe’s biggest street festival.  For two days at the end of the month of August, the members of the West Indian community flock the streets of Notting Hill in the Royal Borough … [Continue reading]

Best of Stockholm: sights, map, images and video

Stockholm is considered the capital of Scandinavia, being the region largest populated metropolitan area with over 2 million inhabitants.  It is the economic, cultural and administrative centre of Sweden, with over a fifth of the country’s … [Continue reading]

Top 100 World’s cities

The following are the World’s Top 100 cities that you should visit once in your lifetime.  From the most fascinating Asian cities such as Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong to the recent metropolis such as Dubai and entertainment capital such as Las … [Continue reading]

Top 100 World’s Wonders

The following are the World’s Top 100 Wonders, destinations the will blow your minds.  From the most fascinating places of the ancient world such as the Pyramids of Egypt and Chichen Itza to the most amazing structure of the recent years … [Continue reading]

Best of Jaipur: top places, map, images and video

Jaipur, best known as the Pink City, is the capital and largest city of the northern state of Rajasthan.  It is considered one of the best planed cities in the country, with its wide 34 m roads, precisely divided sectors and networks of gridded … [Continue reading]