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Top 100 Catalonian Movies

"Exploring Catalonia's rich cinematic heritage and contemporary triumphs."

Catalonia has produced a wealth of cinematic works that reflect its rich cultural heritage, political struggles, and vibrant society. From early cinematic experiments to contemporary blockbusters and intimate indie films, the region's filmmakers have continually pushed the boundaries of storytelling. This list celebrates the top 100 Catalonian movies, showcasing the diversity and creativity of Catalan cinema.



  • Title: "Top 100 Catalonian Movies: A Cinematic Journey Through Catalonia"
  • Subtitle: "A Cinematic Journey Through Catalonia"
  • Tagline: "Exploring Catalonia's rich cinematic heritage and contemporary triumphs."
  • Description: "Dive into the best of Catalan cinema with this comprehensive list of must-watch movies."
  • Keywords: Catalan Cinema, Movies, Catalonia, Film Industry, Directors, Actors


# Top 100 Catalonian Movies
- Subtitle: A Cinematic Journey Through Catalonia
- Tagline: Exploring Catalonia's rich cinematic heritage and contemporary triumphs.
- Description: Dive into the best of Catalan cinema with this comprehensive list of must-watch movies.
- 5 Topics

## Topics
- Early Catalan Cinema: Films that marked the beginnings of Catalonia's film industry.
- Political and Social Dramas: Movies that tackle the political struggles and social issues of Catalonia.
- Contemporary Blockbusters: Popular films that have achieved both critical and commercial success.
- Indie Gems: Independent films that highlight the creativity and innovation of Catalan filmmakers.
- Documentaries: Documentary films that explore various aspects of Catalan culture, history, and society.

Early Catalan Cinema

  1. "In a Glass Cage" (1986) by Agustí Villaronga - A haunting exploration of memory and trauma.
  2. "Fata Morgana" (1965) by Vicente Aranda - An experimental film blending fantasy and reality.
  3. "Viridiana" (1961) by Luis Buñuel - Though directed by a Spaniard, its influence on Catalan cinema is profound.
  4. "El Verdugo" (1963) by Luis García Berlanga - A critical and satirical look at Spanish society, resonating with Catalan audiences.
  5. "Dona Flor i els seus dos marits" (1976) by Francesc Bellmunt - A Catalan adaptation of the Brazilian classic.
  6. "La Plaça del Diamant" (1982) based on Mercè Rodoreda's novel - A poignant tale of a woman's struggles during the Civil War.
  7. "El Sur" (1983) by Víctor Erice - A film about memory and the past, influential in Catalonia.
  8. "L'Espiritu de la Colmena" (1973) by Víctor Erice - A reflection on childhood and Francoist Spain.
  9. "La ciutat cremada" (1976) by Antoni Ribas - Chronicles the rise of the Catalan labor movement.
  10. "Camí de l'exili" (1978) by Llorenç Soler - Explores the Catalan exile after the Spanish Civil War.

Political and Social Dramas

  1. "Pa Negre" (2010) by Agustí Villaronga - A gripping narrative set in post-Civil War Catalonia.
  2. "The Sea" (2000) by Agustí Villaronga - A story about the impact of civil war traumas on children.
  3. "Salvador (Puig Antich)" (2006) by Manuel Huerga - The story of the last political prisoner executed under Franco's regime.
  4. "Incerta glòria" (2017) by Agustí Villaronga - A tale of passion and betrayal during the Spanish Civil War.
  5. "La Lengua de las Mariposas" (1999) by José Luis Cuerda - Though not exclusively Catalan, its themes of learning and freedom resonate widely.
  6. "Elisa K" (2010) by Judith Colell and Jordi Cadena - A haunting examination of childhood trauma.
  7. "La Vieja Memoria" (1977) by Jaime Camino - A documentary about the Spanish Civil War, focusing on the Republican side.
  8. "Tierra y Libertad" (1995) by Ken Loach - While not a Catalan film, its depiction of the Spanish Civil War and anarchist movements had a strong impact in Catalonia.
  9. "Barcelona (Un mapa)" (2007) by Ventura Pons - A film that explores the city's complex social fabric.
  10. "Otel·lo" (2012) by Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font - A modern adaptation of Shakespeare's tragedy, set in a school in Catalonia.

Contemporary Blockbusters

  1. "[REC]" (2007) by Jaume Balagueró and Paco Plaza - A groundbreaking horror film that achieved international fame.
  2. "The Orphanage" (2007) by J.A. Bayona - A successful mix of horror and emotional depth.
  3. "A Monster Calls" (2016) by J.A. Bayona - A visually stunning film blending fantasy and reality.
  4. "Biutiful" (2010) by Alejandro González Iñárritu - Featuring a powerful performance by Javier Bardem in Barcelona's underbelly.
  5. "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" (2006) by Tom Tykwer - Partly filmed in Barcelona, this film showcases the city's Gothic Quarter.
  6. "The Barcelona Vampiress" (2020) by Lluís Danés - A historical thriller set in early 20th-century Barcelona.
  7. "Colonia" (2015) by Florian Gallenberger - While not fully Catalan, it features significant scenes shot in Barcelona.
  8. "Toc Toc" (2017) by Vicente Villanueva - A comedy about patients with OCD, showcasing Catalan humor.
  9. "Truman" (2015) by Cesc Gay - A poignant tale of friendship and farewells, set in Barcelona.
  10. "Black Bread" (2010) by Agustí Villaronga - A dark tale of post-war struggles in rural Catalonia.

Indie Gems

  1. "Summer 1993" (2017) by Carla Simón - An evocative portrayal of a child's grief and adaptation.
  2. "10,000 KM" (2014) by Carlos Marques-Marcet - An exploration of love in the digital age.
  3. "The August Virgin" (2019) by Jonás Trueba - A thoughtful meditation on loneliness and connection.
  4. "Petra" (2018) by Jaime Rosales - A complex drama about family secrets and art.
  5. "Anchor and Hope" (2017) by Carlos Marques-Marcet - A contemporary look at relationships and parenting.
  6. "The Bookshop" (2017) by Isabel Coixet - A story of a woman's struggle to open a bookstore in a small town.
  7. "The Days to Come" (2019) by Carlos Marques-Marcet - Real-life pregnancy filmed in real-time, exploring the evolution of a relationship.
  8. "Out in the Open" (2019) by Benito Zambrano - A gripping tale of survival and friendship set in the Spanish countryside.
  9. "Els dies que vindran" (2019) by Carlos Marques-Marcet - A deeply personal look into the journey of pregnancy and the changes it brings.
  10. "Duckweed" (2019) by Carles Torras - A gritty tale of ambition and survival in the outskirts of Barcelona.


  1. "The Silence of Others" (2018) by Almudena Carracedo and Robert Bahar - A powerful documentary about the victims of Spain's Franco dictatorship.
  2. "Balseros" (2002) by Carles Bosch and Josep Maria Domènech - A documentary that follows the journey of Cuban rafters aiming for the United States.
  3. "Bicicleta, Cullera, Poma" (2010) by Carles Bosch - A personal look at the life of Pasqual Maragall, former mayor of Barcelona and president of Catalonia, and his battle with Alzheimer's disease.

These films represent just a glimpse into the vast and diverse world of Catalan cinema, highlighting its historical depth, political engagement, innovative spirit, and emotional resonance. Through these stories, viewers can explore the complexity of Catalan identity, the beauty of its landscapes, and the resilience of its people.